Submitted by wollson on Tue, 02/19/2019 - 10:46

Recently in Geneve, Hospital Sveti Vid was awareded DIAMOND STAR prize for continuous quality, efficiency and patient dedication. This is one more evidence that the world has recognized this hospital as an institution which is developing superior ophthalmology as the highest world standard.
This prestigeous prize, as this far highest appraisal of quality and continuous effort in achieving excellence in health profession is awarded by European Society for Quality Research.

Sveti Vid Hospital performs superior surgical procedures, that had often been guide marks to the world ophthalmology. This hospital has become known address for referring patients from Europe and world for solving the most complex ophthalmological problems.

Briliant results in application of the latest laser technology Smart surface/Smart pulse surgery, created a great interest and best acceptance on expert meetings around the world.
The prize has been awarded for utmost professionalism, educational and inovative commitment to patients, humanitarian work through numerous programs for resolving problems of amblyopia among children in the region.
DIAMOND STAR has arrived as a merit for 20 years of endurance and dedication to true values in ophthalmology.

Diamond star for quality-Geneve 2017.