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Presbyopia – age related farsightedness. Multifocal (trifocal, EDOF) IOL 
step to clear vision

Lens exchange surgery – phacoemulsification – nowadays is a comfortable way for cataract surgery and refractive error correction, at the same moment.
With optimal intraocular lens (IOL) implanted, phacoemulsification is very important part of complete refractive surgery. The procedure could be done in any cases, when accommodation is lost, and refractive correction for near and far vision is needed, even without the previous presence of cataract (CLE-clear lens exchange).

Implantation of multifocal intraocular lens will give the possibilities for getting rid of dependency on near vision and far vision glasses.
The procedure is done in local anesthesia, drops, lasting for 5-6 minutes, with minimal incision (2 mm), sutureless, in out-patient surgery. Both eyes are done in one act, or day after day (binocular surgery) for continuing binocular vision.

If there is preoperative astigmatism, multifocal toric IOL is suggested.
In young people with presenile cataract, multifocal IOL implants are in some way, substitution for early-lost accommodation.

In case of very high myopia, in presbyopic age, good choice is MONOVISION.