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The department of refractive surgery, surgery in adults, and surgery of anterior segment, cataract and glaucoma is headed by Professor. Dr. Pavel Rozsival, Director of the Ophthalmology Clinic of the Charles University, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

President of the Czech Society of Ophthalmology for many years

Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University and Ministry of Health of Czech Republic

Member of leading international associations of ophthalmology, ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery), AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology), ISRS (International Society of Refractive Surgery)

Member of the Board of IIC-Intraocular Implant Club. Among his numerous awards are THE HONOUR OF EXCELENCE and THE GREAT MIND IN Ophthalmology.

He is the author of several hundreds of professional papers published in prestigious professional journals, with more than 700 professional speeches at domestic and international congresses, now with more than 40,000 surgeries in the eye, cataract operations in most complex cases frequently on the boundary of inoperability, restoring visual function in his patients, glaucoma surgeries, intraocular lens implantations, corneal transplantations, corneal surgeries, applications of excimer laser in dioptre corrections and in corneal therapies, corneal cross linking procedures in keratoconus.

He is particularly known for his contributions to the development of ophthalmology in the world, for which he has received many awards.

International Biographical Centres of England and New York have assessed him as one of extraordinary people of XX and XXI centuries, and awarded him Decree of Merits for Outstanding Contribution to Developments in Ophthalmology and Achievements in Medical Advance.

He has been cited in several editions of Who’s Who in the World.

Among his numerous awards in the world for outstanding achievements and innovations in contemporary ophthalmology, he has won the first prize of the International Congress on Innovative Medicine.

Since the foundation of Special Hospital Sveti Vid, he has been a member of the team, having contributed to the development of supreme, leading ophthalmology in the heart of Belgrade.


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