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Upozoravamo javnost da postoje pokušaji zloupotrebe…
imena SVETOG VIDA lažnim predstavljanjem od strane drugih ustanova…
Adresa SVETOG VIDA je isključivo Dobračina 27 u Beogradu!


Modern lines of eyeglass frames and sunglasses made by the world’s most famous designers: Andy Wolf, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Miu Miu, Prada, Dior, Ray Ban, Vogue, Tiffany, D&G, Guess Marciano, Valentino, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Oakley and many others.
“Children’s corner” – A great choice of quality eyeglass frames and sunglasses of modern and attractive design for kids. For children of all ages including babies, light flexible frames in various colours are becoming favourite toys your children cannot part with.


A new line of sunglasses and dioptre eyeglasses models for 2017.

To the patients of SVETI VID, who have removed dioptre by one of the refractive methods, we grant a discount of 15% for the latest exclusive models of sunglasses.

Sales of the old collection :

  • sunglasses-50%
  • dioptre eyeglasses-40%

Pit boss
As raceway warriors do battle, Pit Boss is the General who commands supreme power, and the name of this Oakley salutes that level of respect. Pit Boss II is a magnificent piece of engineering that combines: comfortable lightweight O-Matter with titanium plating, HDPolarized lenses with Oakley Hydrophobic coating that repels water and smudges, and High Definition Optics (HDO). It is packaged in the Oakley premium display box suitable for collectors. These sunglasses do not only tell people that you have arrived, but that you are on a path they can only hope to follow.
Pit Boss II is a showcase for some of the finest technologies ever applied in the production of sunglasses. The titanium plating is honed by a Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machine with tolerances of precision within two thousandths of an inch. Hexalobular screws secure the plates for high velocity impact protection, and a comfortable system with a Three-Point Fit keeps the lenses in precise optical alignment at any time. Looking through these glasses, you will forget every notion you have about sunglasses.
Even with the base curvature of 8.75 that maximizes peripheral vision and side protection against sun, wind and impact, you will experience sharp clarity at any angle of view because this is enabled by the HDO technology that includes XYZ optics. Oakley HDPolarized lenses filter out 99% of reflected glare, and we added Anti-Reflective (AR) coating on the backside. The pure Plutonite lenses filter out 100% of all UV while optimizing impact resistance.
This model in all colours comes with iridium coated lenses. This layer provides balanced light transmission and reduces glare to an even greater extent. The Black Iridium Polarized (VR28) edition is turned to help you maintain colour recognition, and both the Tungsten Iridium Polarized and VR28 editions will increase visual contrast to boost depth perception. A Microclear bag is included for frame storage and lens cleaning.

Pit boss naocare

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