This type of surgery is performed by experienced European Professors-surgeons, who have over 30 years of surgical experience, which is the best guarantee to patients for the successful surgical outcome.

SPECIAL HOSPITAL SVETI VID introduced glaucoma surgery into new epoch, changing old, deficient surgical procedures. Years ago, that was non-penetrating deep sclerotomy by aplication of SK gel, and now the employment of modern gel implants in surgical gel implanata, by surgical technique taking place through miniature incision, that heals instantly.

This procedure is not adviced in terminal, far advanced stages resulting in great nerve damage and significant visual field loss. Optimal effect of surgery is expected in incipient and moderatelly advanced stages, when usage of one eye medication can not prevail the disease, so called “unyielding glaucomas”, “resistant” to standard therapy even after the prior surgery that did not bring results.

The disease is to be closely followed, and for that purpose there are modern imaging methods, before all OCT.
Optical tomography is an objective indicator of degree of damage and enables comparative view with prior stages, therefore objectivelly shows whether the disease is advancing. In such case it is necessary to plan adequate surgical procedure, before serious and definite damages and loss of sight occurs.


The newest implants gel-made, miniature, flexible, atraumatic, present a step further in evolution of glaucoma surgery.
Long ago originated the idea of using gel implants that would modify traditional surgical approaches and enable the treatment of glaucoma even in incipient and early phases.

Via 2mm size opening in cornea, like mini-invasive cataract surgery, minuscule injector is placed, containing gel-imlant, 6mm long, 45 microns wide, flexible. It is placed by “micro needle” into subconjunctival space where it remains. This technique “aids” the outflow of the aqueous in space out the eye to be realeased through regular venous way.

The advantage of this method in comparison with earlier methods is that there is no implantation from the “outside”, but inside the eye– ab interno.

Often in combined cataract and glaucoma cases, in planing cataract surgery often is recommended combined procedure, during which Xen implant will be placed therefore stabilizing the eye pressure, and through the same incision will be intraocular implant implanted. The incision is minute, self-enclosing. There is no staying in the hospital.


Indications are as for any micro-shunt surgery. The approach is ab-externo. The aim of the surgery is to make aqueous outflow from anterior chamber through mini-shunt (70 mcr diameter) into the subconjunctival space to be resorbed.
Therefore, the risk of fibrosis is much less than in classical filtration surgeries (trabeculectomy-TE). Continuous controlled and undisturbed outflow of aquesous humour is achieved.

MIGS with PRESERFLO implant provides comfortable and subtle surgical approach, better intraoperative control of aqueous humour flow, less outflow and less intra- and post-operative risk.

The advantages:
-less invasive that trabeculectomy-TE
-no scleral flap, sclerotomy, iridotomy
-no sutures
-place of the implant in any quadrant is possible
-possible combined procedure with cataract surgery (phacoemulsification)