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Phacoemulsification is the operative procedure for cataract surgery.

We introduced this operation in the country many years ago with establishment of hospital. This phaco surgery means using the ultrasound to emulsify the cataractous lens and irrigate and aspirate it through small incision (2 mm). Artificial intraocular lens is implanted through the same incision. The procedure lasts 5-6 minutes. It is out-patient surgery.

Phacoemulsification in SVETI VID is at the highest point in technical skills and availability of the best quality, premium IOLs, owing to Prof. dr Pavel Rozsival who gave the great contribution to development of refractive lens surgery in the world of ophthalmology.

More than 30 years of experience, he was already twice announced, by his colleagues, as the best surgeon in the world for cataract surgery!

This remarkable surgeon is announced as one among the most honored persons for development of ophthalmology in XX and XXI centuries. He traced the way of further development of phacoemulsification in XXI century.

The surgery in SVETI VID gives maximum control and safety, which results in satisfied patients.

Phacoemulsification, as mini-invasive procedure, small incision, sutureless, painless, actually is refractive surgery for refractive error correction in presbyopic age.

IMMEDIATELY TOWARDS GOOD VISION Bilateral cataract surgery, in one act, simultaneously, painless, fast, in less than 10 minutes, sutureless, in local anesthesia (drops), gives comfort for the patient, visual function and binocular vision recovery in one-day, out-patient surgery. Cataractous lens, by ultrasound method of operation, is removed through small incision (2 mm) and small, foldable IOL, is implanted through the same incision. No suture, no pain. The vision is regained immediately after operation. You will choose the optimal IOL in discussion with your doctor, depending on what you need. If you do not want to depend on glasses for near, intermediate (computer) and far distance, then your choice should be multifocal/trifocal implant. Only rich experience in this field, as well as in solving complicated cases, gives maximum of safety and usage of new procedures that contemporary ophthalmology offers.

Immediately when the disturbances start. This early operation is possible by phacoemulsification. Without waiting for cataract to mature, a lot of complications will be avoided and fast postoperative visual rehabilitation will be achieved. This is out-patient surgery.


Mature cataract is the ‘’temporary blindness’’ which leads to depression and social isolation with frequent injuries and fractures.
Besides, maturing and melting of cataractous lens, which lasts long, may have persistent consequences, as uveitis, or secondary glaucoma, very complicated to treat, with severe visual defects. Behind dense cataract, it is not possible to check the posterior segment, fundus of the eye, especially in diabetes, glaucoma, or macular defects, and therefore as not visible, it is not possible to treat them (LFC, aVEGF,…).

In congenital cataract, operation is suggested as early as possible, especially in dense cataract or centrally located, so the child will have the possibilities to develop the vision.

Intraocular lens is implanted during the surgery.

With the new, high-quality intraocular lens, that can correct the preoperative refractive error, cataract surgery is nowadays crucial part of refractive surgery. The great opportunity for vision correction for different distances (near, intermediate and far), instead of dependency on many pairs of glasses, is implantation of multifocal/trifocal intraocular lens. In this way, multifocal implant will ’’immitate’’ lost accommodatiom.


FIRST PRIZE Golden statue, Milan 2013




SYNERGY – THE LATEST PREMIUM intraocular lens with extended depth of focus, gives:

1.Advantage beyond the current possibilities in presbyopia correction is wide range of clear vision focus continuously without a ’’gap’’ between the focuses from far to the near focus.

2.For patients with cataract and those withous cataract who want to get rid of the glasses for near, intermediate and far vision, in presbyopia age.

3.Preserved contrast sensitivety  – clear vision in broad range of distances from far to near, even in low light conditions.

4.Reducing halo intentisity for tasks, like night drive.

The contemporary ophthalmology offers wide range of opportunities for presbyopia correction and for achieving ‘’restoring’’ the sight as it was in youth, without dependence on the glasses.

PRESBYOPIA is progressive condition of the eye, manifested in difficulties in focusing in near objects (like in reading).
The near vision is blurred and it is getting worse starting from 40-es.

That is because of the physiological weakness and loss of accommodation of biological, natural lens.

In the age when the first correction for near vision is needed, the surgical procedure, lens exchange surgery with multifocal or EDOF IOL implantation, gives the quality of the vision as it was in youth.

 Cataract is the condition of lens opacities. It is the leading cause of ‘’temporary’’ blindness in the world. Fortunately, it can be solved with the operation.

Cataract surgery today is refractive procedure, giving the proper correction of diopter by choosing an optimal IOL. It is today even advantage, because the problem that had been presented for the whole life (wearing glasses) now could be solved easily, but it is very important that the surgery should be high quality, done by skilled surgeon.

This high demanding surgery is forbidden to be done by inexperienced and beginner surgeon. In the aim of achieving the maximum of this refractive procedure, it should be done by the most experienced and renowned surgeons.

Special hospital SVETI VID, as the leading institution in the country and around, is the famous world address, where patients from various countries are directed to, in order to find the most optimal solution for their sight.

For outstanding results and the highest-quality of the eye surgery, SVETI VID has been many times awarded by the world authorities.