Aesthetic eye interventions


This is aesthetic problem on the blind eye, that is occurring in cases of old, non-operated congenital or traumatic cataract, usually combined with old retinal detachment, without any prospects for visual function recovery. This aesthetic problem is possible to be operated. Surgical intervention includes special intraocular lens, which is dark to ‘’mimic’’ the pupil and it provides patients with the sense of security and more pleasing appearance of the eye.


Eye injuries with a ‘’torn’’ iris as an outcome, or as a result of non-expert operation of the cataract, can be repaired surgically. The aim is to reduce presence of flashes as well as excessive blinking, which can be achieved with either ‘’iris suture’’ or special intraocular implants, that ‘’cover’’ the impairment of the iris-depending on severity of the eye condition. If cataract is also present, the surgical procedure includes cataract surgery (phacoemulsification) with implantation of special intraocular lens with specific optical power and an additional part that covers existing defect of the iris (coloboma lens).