This type of surgery is performed by experienced European surgeons-professors, who have over 25 years of surgical experience, which is the best guarantee to patients for the successful surgical outcome.

Surgical procedure, applied in cases of progressive myopia in order to strengthen sclera and prevent retinal detachment. This may not arrest, but certainly slow down the increase of myopia and reinforce already thinned scleral tissues. With this procedure the risk of retinal detachment is decreased.

Procedure is in practice for many years. It is performed in general anaesthesia, today using biocompatible implants, that are in wide application in other fields of medicine (cardiac surgery, abdominal surgery, etc.). There is no need for staying in hospital, child is released to go home the same day, several hours after the surgery.

First surgical control is 3-4 weeks after the surgery. After that regular follow-ups and controls are continued.