Award in Eye Surgery 2018

The First World Prize won for the overall contribution to the Ophthalmology

And again, the prize to SVETI VID for outstanding surgical solutions, presented on International Congress of Ophthalmology – EYE ADVANCE, MUMBAI, June 2 2018, within organization International Academy for Advances and Innovation in Ophthalmology (IAAO- EYE ADVANCE) 2008, this institution took the first prize for unique solution in case of serious chemical eye injury. Reconstructive procedures were performed in sequence, step by step, within interval of 5 years. The work is within American Academy for Ophthalmology (AAO) presented as educational example throughout the world, as offered solution for, until then, inoperable cases.

Congress of Innovative Ophthalmology is taking place every two years, presenting one of a kind, innovative solutions for ophthalmological problems. And now again, after 10 years Special hospital SVETI VID is awarded for extraordinary innovation in surgery. Many achievements are presented, from enormous experience of SVETI VID, comprising of complex challenges of implant application in ophthalmology in specific situations when along with reconstructive treatment there was necessity for recovering visual function, and correct refractive error.

This inexhaustible reservoir of different cases, so called “incataract surgeryoperable”, arriving from different parts of the world to SVETI VID, has been finding in this hospital completely new, most advanced surgical solutions, that restored their vision and at the same time that was breakthrough and guidance for further development of ophthalmology of the XXI century. For that reason these great awards, right at the congress of innovative ophthalmology, where from new knowledge and techniques are adopted throughout the world, are arriving right to the heart of Belgrade. And of course, GOLD PRIZE for excellence in surgery and example in ophthalmological practice, TO ONE OF GREATEST SURGEONS OF XX AND XXI century, who contributed greatly to development of ophthalmology at the end of XX and beginning of XXI century, Prof. Dr Pavel Rozsival. Because of professor Rozsival and SVETI VID, these highest possibilities are available to our people. Close to the home.

THE WORLD and highest achievements, as ophthalmology is concerned, are for a long time already in SVETI VID.


ESCRS 2018

At recently held 22nd ophthalmology congress of European society for cataract and refractive surgery, ESCRS – that took place for the first time in Belgrade, from 9-11 February 2018, Special hospital SVETI VID received the first prize. The greatest prize from European society was awarded to SVETI VID for excellent results achieved by laser diopter correction in preschool children with amblyopia that could not be corrected with glasses and contact lenses.

Outstanding results had shown:

Outstanding decrease of amblyopia, improvement in visual function and quality of sight in children, for many years after correction.

And once more SVETI VID received highest scientific proof of efficacy, predictability and safety of laser correction in special situations in small children, for correcting amblyopia and forming stereo vision, then when GLASSES AND CONTACT LENSES do not give results. Particularly is emphasized period of most intense development of vision and best results in the youngest group, 3-5 years of age.

Special hospital SVETI VID this time again proved great importance in world ophthalmology and solving existing, until yesterday unsolvable eye problems and furthering borders to new possibilities.

Top Serbian Brands Award 2017

Special Hospital SVETI VID is one of the recepients of traditional and prestigeous awards TOP SERBIAN BRANDS 2016. in the category corporative brend-health. This prize has been awarded for the third time in a row by the prestigeous magazine TOP SERBIAN BRANDS and portal, exclusivelly by the votes of citizens of Serbia, based on independent and objective survey.
Main requirements for recipients are:

• Brand awareness
• Superior quality
• Customer satisfaction
• Excellence in business
• Business results

Diamond star for quality-Geneve 2017

Recently in Geneve, Hospital Sveti Vid was awareded DIAMOND STAR prize for continuous quality, efficiency and patient dedication. This is one more evidence that the world has recognized this hospital as an institution which is developing superior ophthalmology as the highest world standard.
This prestigeous prize, as this far highest appraisal of quality and continuous effort in achieving excellence in health profession is awarded by European Society for Quality Research.

Sveti Vid Hospital performs superior surgical procedures, that had often been guide marks to the world ophthalmology. This hospital has become known address for referring patients from Europe and world for solving the most complex ophthalmological problems.

Briliant results in application of the latest laser technology Smart surface/Smart pulse surgery, created a great interest and best acceptance on expert meetings around the world.
The prize has been awarded for utmost professionalism, educational and inovative commitment to patients, humanitarian work through numerous programs for resolving problems of amblyopia among children in the region.
DIAMOND STAR has arrived as a merit for 20 years of endurance and dedication to true values in ophthalmology.


Special Hospital SVETI VID is one of the recepients of traditional and prestigeous awards TOP SERBIAN BRANDS 2016. in the category corporative brend-health. This prize has been awarded for the third time in a row by the prestigeous magazine TOP SERBIAN BRANDS and portal, exclusivelly by the votes of citizens of Serbia, based on independent and objective survey.
Main requirements for recipients are:

• Brand awareness
• Superior quality
• Customer satisfaction
• Excellence in business
• Business results

Diamond Prize Wien 2015

International diamond prize for excellence in quality and inovation was recently awarded to Special Hospital SVETI VID in Wienna.
This prestigeous award, as the supreme merit of quality and continuous effort in achieving excellence in its domain of business – European Society For Quality Research (ESQR) is awarding Special Hospital SVETI VID.
European Society For Quality Research is an organization with headquarters in Lausanne (Switzerland), dedicated to research and recognition of esteemed companies and institutions in the world that are achieving superior professionalism and continuation of quality in work and results.
Special Hospital SVETI VID was honored this time a diamond statue, as the supreme award for accomplishment and prosperity, innovation and excellence, knowledge instructing and enlightening in its domain as well as positive influence on whole surrounding region in development and implementation of modern approach in the field of medicine.

Paris Award 2015

Another in sequence of prizes was dedicated to Special Hospital SVETI VID on International Convention for excellence and quality taken place in Paris, 25 October, 2015 godine.
Special Hospital SVETI VID was awarded PLATINUM STAR for dedication to quality and superior management, professionalism, innovation and excellence, humanitarianism, continuity in education of young physicians and population and introducing new technologies to ophthalmology and achieving highest results in sugical solution as well as gratification of patients.

Hospital from Serbia proclaimed the best in world, London 2014

During International Convention for quality taken place in London from 29th to 30th November in elite Guoman Tower Congress Centre, Special Hospital SVETI VID from Belgrade was awarded prestigeous prize – International Crown for Quality of Gold Category, which was the first time that a hospital from Serbia was officialy proclaimed by the international community to be the leader in its field of medicine.
Special Hospital SVETI VID was awarded with Golden Crown for achieving several criteria: excellence in quality of eye surgery, application of the most advanced methods, state of education given to employess as well as the utmost quality of applied technology in this field of medicine.

Milan, 2013

At the world’s largest Congress for Cataract and Refractive Surgery, held in Milan in 2013, SVETI VID won first prize – the Golden Statue.
Thereby, this hospital repeated its success from Bombay 2008, and confirmed its position at the very top in the field of ophthalmology.
Special hospital SVETI VID.

First prize in the world to hospital Sveti vid for the quality of surgery and contribution to the development of modern ophthalmology Eye Advance – 2008

At the International Congress of Innovative Ophthalmology, held in Bombay on 21 – 24 August 2008 and organized by the International Academy for Innovative Ophthalmology, Professor Dr. Pavel Rozsival and Dr. Marina Dragović were presented a great world award – FIRST PRIZE for the presented work related to innovations in ophthalmology. As the Congress was held in India, the award symbolically has the shape of an Indian diamond.

For the first time in the world, new surgical possibilities in solving ophthalmologic problems were shown, processed in filmed material, which was accepted with delight both by the audience and the jury. The jury consisted of the most significant people from the world of ophthalmology from all the continents who themselves have also given great contributions to the development and current possibilities of contemporary ophthalmology. Professor Pavel Rozsival received numerous congratulations for his brilliant surgery and fantastic conceptual solution.

This scientific film that has won the first prize will be shown at professional gatherings all over the world, as a guideline for problem solving, which has been thematically elaborated and presented with a message that it is possible to move the boundaries towards new and better possibilities.

At the same time, this is an award to Belgrade where this work has been created and whose pictures will go around the continents together with the pictures of SVETI VID. On this occasion, a press conference and cocktail party were organized in Belgrade when this awarded film was shown for the first time in Serbia.

Dr. Marina Dragović, Medical Director of Special Hospital SVETI VID, and the co-author of the awarded work, welcomed the honourable guests and after a short review of the contributions of this renowned institution to the development and modernization of domestic ophthalmology, she announced the projection of the awarded film.

After the projection, a representative of the Ministry of Health congratulated on the recognition that SVETI VID had acquired in the world and confirmed that, at the same time, this was very important for Belgrade and Serbian ophthalmology headed by Sveti Vid in the world context.

First prize on congress for refractive surgery, Barcelona 2008

On congress for refractive surgery held in Barcelona 2008, prof. dr Rudolf Autrata received the FIRST PRIZE for 15-year long study for performing refractive and therapeutic laser procedures in children.

barcelona 2008

Superbrands Serbia 2006

The leader in domestic ophthalmolology and among the best in the world.

The biggest award “Golden palm” for most modern eye surgery in Cannes 2006

At the greatest congress ever held dedicated to retina and vitreous body surgery, in a competition of 1600 surgeons from all over the world, the Serbian ophthalmology, Special Hospital SVETI VID received the highest award for posterior segment surgery

ESCRS, Rome 2005

On European congress for cataract and refractive surgery (ESCRS) in Rome 2005, prof. dr Rudolf Autrata was awarded for remarkable results achieved after laser procedure in pre-school children with amblyopia, resistant on conventional refractive treatment (glasses or contact lenses).

ESCRS, Paris 2004

Prof. dr Rudolf Autrata was awarded for a great contribution to laser procedures in children on European congress for cataract and refractive surgery (ESCRS) in Paris, 2004.