Refractive pediatric surgery in SVETI VID reffers to strict medical indications: high anisometropy or high bilateral myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, with high amblyogenic potential, when conventional treatment with glasses or contact lenses failed.

We use, for safety reasons, superficial laser ablation methods (T-PRK SmartSurfACE )

Refractive range is approximately from -13 up to +6 D, regarding the age, corneal characteristics and complete estimation. We do not recommend LASIK because of risk and potential complications, even not for adults. Laser procedures are performed on Schwind Amaris Excimer Laser. For children is recommended to do this procedure in general anesthesia (inhalation) and analgo-sedation. In compliant children, topical anesthesia is used. Surgical environment is well-equipped, with highly-educated and experienced staff.

Refractive procedures in children are done by Prof. Dr Rudolf Autrata.

He is one of the leaders in the world of ophthalmology, and one of the most cited person devoted to refractive procedures in children from early 90-ties of XX century. He published numerous articles in high-indexed journals and was honored for great contribution to development of pediatric ophthalmology. He is a chief of pediatric eye hospital in Brno, Masaryk University. He was many times awarded on international congresses for his work. In Special Hospital SVETI VID, he works as a chief of pediatric department.